WiFi/GSM Alarm System

Wireless technology is now an everyday part of our lives, both at home and in the workplace - having radically changed the way we work and communicate. Parallel advances in battery technology and electronic components that operate at much lower voltages and power levels have helped to make this possible.

Safety critical installations such as fire detection and alarm systems often require large numbers of field devices to be fitted which, for reasons of integrity and lifetime cost of ownership, are still preferred, specified and will remain as hardwired types for the foreseeable future. It is therefore clear that there is a place for both types of technology 'wired' and 'wireless' when designing and specifying a fire detection system. Wired devices should be used where cables are easy and cost effective to install, and wireless devices should be used where the installation of cables would be expensive, time consuming, impractical or just impossible.

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MA-303SU Portable Wireless PA System

MA-303 is a compact, ultra light and robust design wireless PA system. This features-loaded and easy-to-use system can be hand carried, or mounted on a microphone stand and is an excellent public address solution for small to medium crowds. Ideal applications include: School classrooms & halls, Places of worship, Presentations, seminars and meetings, Day-care activities, playground duty, Indoor/outdoor gatherings, Paging, Shopping center & trade show presentations and promotions, Street performers, Aerobic and fitness centers, Recreational and social activities.
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