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Fire Alarm Systems

Stay safe with powerful fire alarm systems on bioroles

A fire alarm system is an amalgamation of numerous devices that work together to warn and alert occupants of a place by visual and /or audio signals in the event a fire starts smoldering. Heat detectors and smoke detectors activate these alarms. Fire sensors present in fire alarm systems are connected to the main panel of alarm via cables. The panel is connected to sirens and hooters that emit sounds loudly throughout the premises. Alarms can be either in the form of horns, sounders or bells. Alarms can also be in the form of a voice message that warns and alerts people to evacuate the building as soon as possible.  Fire alarm sounders can be adjusted to certain frequencies and different sound tones including low, medium and high, depending on the size of the building and range of the device.

We, at Bioroles, bring to you a complete assembly of highly fast functioning and sensitive fire alarm systems to ensure that there is no loss to the property of life should a fire start out.

Benefits of installing fire alarm systems:

Fire alarm systems give out ‘pre-warning’ alarms which is a major benefit of installing them in a residential or commercial set ups. The ‘pre-warning’ signal alerts people allowing them to take adequate safety measures before the fire gets beyond control.

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MA-303SU Portable Wireless PA System

MA-303 is a compact, ultra light and robust design wireless PA system. This features-loaded and easy-to-use system can be hand carried, or mounted on a microphone stand and is an excellent public address solution for small to medium crowds. Ideal applications include: School classrooms & halls, Places of worship, Presentations, seminars and meetings, Day-care activities, playground duty, Indoor/outdoor gatherings, Paging, Shopping center & trade show presentations and promotions, Street performers, Aerobic and fitness centers, Recreational and social activities.
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